Don’t scrub your skin away!

scrubbing-facePeople often use facial scrubs, washcloths, Clarisonics (facial cleansing brushes) and more to clean their skin, many times twice a day or more!


While some gentle exfoliation is necessary for nice looking skin, too much can turn things in the opposite direction.

Overuse of exfoliators can cause redness, irritation, increased acne, dryness and sensitivity to name just a few adverse effects. Our advice to you is to slow down!

  • Never use scrubs more than 3 -5 times a week depending on the dryness and sensitivity of your skin.
  • Use scrubs gently – don’t be too vigorous and choose a sensitive skin brush if you use a Clarisonic.
  • Consider using an AHA/BHA type product (AHA/BHA Cream) for chemical exfoliation in place of some of your scrubbing products. They are a gentler way to remove dead skin cells and give your skin a healthy glow.

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