Why is Retinol Good For My Skin?

RetinolRetinol is a vitamin-A derivative that has been proven to boost collagen production, speed cell turnover and unclog pores. What this means is a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, a more even and brighter skin tone, less acne and smaller pores.

If you had to choose one anti-aging product to start using after the age of 30, retinol should be your product of choice! SkinMedica makes a fantastic line of Retinols that are powerful enough to make a change but contain buffers and emollients to reduce any harsh side effects of some Retin-A products. It is never too early to keep fresh new skin cells rapidly growing and decrease the dull dead skin cells that tend to linger on our skin. Stop in or call for a complimentary consultation and we can help decide which product is best for you and your skin type!

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