Order to Apply Facial Products

facial-cream-applyDo you ever wonder in what order you should apply your facial products?

In general think thin to thick. Usually serums go on first after cleansing. Next, any creams or lotions such as moisturizer, always followed by sunscreen. Sunscreen typically is the last product before makeup (if you use it) so as not to dilute its potency by applying things on top it.

In the evening, always apply serums first, then a cream such as retinol, followed by moisturizer.

Here’s a little “cheat sheet”:


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Winter is the Perfect Time for a Chemical Peel

beautiful_SkinAlthough many of us are get tired of the cold, winter is actually the best time of the year to treat some of our most annoying skin-related issues. Chemical peels are no exception and are very effective when done on skin that is not tanned or recently been exposed to the sun.

The hallmark to great looking skin is a regimen that promotes the exfoliation (shedding) of dead skin cells and the regeneration (growth) of collagen and new skin cells. Think about it…if you do nothing to get rid of old dead skin cells they simply lie on your face and give your skin a dull or ashy appearance. Your body has no encouragement to manufacture fresh new skin cells to replace the old ones. And because your skin is not being stimulated, the production of collagen under the skin slows down.

Chemical peels have both cosmetic and medical benefits. They optimize skin health by encouraging new cell growth and are beneficial for all skin types, colors, and ages.

Cosmetically, the exfoliation from the peel improves pore size, hyperpigmentation from sun, old acne lesions, and melasma, as well as fine lines. Medically, a chemical peel can improve acne, benign keratoses and actinic keratoses (pre-cancerous lesions). Peels achieve these results by removing damaged outer layers of the skin allowing a fresh, new layer of skin to naturally emerge.

How do chemical peels achieve these amazing results?

Chemical peels use a combination of acids of varying degrees of strength to chemically shed dead skin cells.  Not all peels involve actual “peeling” of the skin or downtime from work or activities. Because of the nature of the chemicals, peels are especially helpful for acne prone skin and skin that is discolored due to sun damage or old acne lesions.

Because the epidermis heals in just a few days you will notice improved appearance of the skin, more even skin color, smoother texture and a healthier glow. In addition there will be decreased fine lines, especially around the eyes and mouth, improvement of mild scarring and acne, and a reduction of skin discoloration such as sun spots and melasma.

Incorporating a peel into a good skin care regimen will boost the effectiveness of the products and prolong the results of the peel.

Your skin will look and feel much better after you begin an exfoliation and product regimen.  For optimal results we recommend chemical peels being done in a series of three treatments spaced about 3-4 weeks apart. After completion of the series, a periodic maintenance program can be established. Maintaining the regimen is important so as not to return to dull, ashy skin. We also recommend a peel be followed by TNS Recovery Complex (a potent solution containing human growth factors that help enhance skin tone and texture), as well as a good moisturizer and sunscreen.

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Summertime Skincare Do’s and Don’ts

Sunny skies, outdoor fun, and warm weather all remind us that the lazy days of summer are here. But don’t get lazy when it comes to taking care of your skin!

Here is a list of summertime skin care Do’s and Don’ts to help you keep your skin in shape this summer:

Do: Wear sunscreen everyday even if you don’t think you will be outdoors much. Always apply your sunscreen as the last product before make-up so it is not diluted.

Do: Look for sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection and a SPF of at least 30.

SPF 30 blocks approximately 97% of all incoming UVB rays. No FDA-approved standard exists yet for UVA protection in the US, even though UVA penetrates more deeply into the skin than UVB.  Broad spectrum sunscreens combine UVB and UVA absorbing chemicals and/or physical blockers and give the most protection.

Do: Wear water-resistant sunscreen if you are participating in activities that make you sweat or if you are in the water.

Do: See your doctor for to get an annual skin-cancer screening, especially if you notice any suspicious lesions on your body.

Do: Use a quality facial cleanser to rid your skin of the sweat and oil that warmer weather brings.

Do: Schedule a facial to clean out your pores and re-hydrate skin exposed to pool water and outdoor elements.

Don’t: spend too much time outdoors between the hours of 10am-4pm when the sun it at its strongest.  If you must – wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect your face!

Don’t: use harsh scrubs on your face that will strip oils and irritate your skin. SkinMedica makes a gentle Skin Polisher that exfoliates without irritation.

Don’t: forget to continue a good skin care regimen while vacationing or staying up late!  Changes in routine can cause breakouts or flare-ups in rosacea.

Don’t: forget that summer is a great time to treat those facial lines and wrinkles – you will look rested and relaxed after a treatment of Botox® or Dysport.

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Winter – the Perfect Time for Hair Removal!

Tired of shaving? Embarrassed about the shadow of hair even after you’ve shaved?
Winter is the perfect time to change things for the better! Intense pulsed light hair removal is a safe, painless and effective way to get rid of unwanted hair.

How does Intense Pulsed Light work?
Our system uses specialized hand pieces which filter light from different parts of the spectrum. Each band of the spectrum has a wavelength that is ideal for different treatments, such as hair reduction. The hand piece emits pulsed light into the hair follicle. The light is absorbed in the follicles and converted to heat. The heat then loosens the hair and disables the cells responsible for growing new hair.

What areas of the body can I get treated?
Any areas of the body, except directly around the eyes, can be safely treated.

What are the treatments like? Is it painful?
A mild sensation is felt; no numbing of the skin is required. The hand piece will be moved over the treatment area, pulsing light every few seconds. The cooled treatment-head helps soothe and protect your skin while pulsed light and energy penetrates the skin to destroy the active hair follicles.

How many treatments are necessary?
Because hair follicles grow and regrow in a cycle and growing follicles are most susceptible to treatment, multiple sessions are required to achieve full effectiveness.  However, significant hair reduction is often noticed after one or two treatments.  6 -8 treatments spaced 2 -10 weeks apart, depending on the area, is recommended to ensure hair removal.

What else do I need to know?
All skin types can be treated safely with our technology.  It is recommended that the skin not be tanned which is why winter is a great time to begin treatment.  Also – hair does not have to be left on the skin to be removed – shaving or clipping of hair can be done as often as desired.  No waxing, plucking or depilatories can be used for 2-3 weeks before treatment or during treatment.

Are treatments for women only?
Absolutely not!!  Many men are self conscious of excess hair on their backs, or suffer from painful red bumps after shaving their necks.  Hair removal is the perfect solution for these and other problems.  Many men have been very satisfied with our discreet atmosphere and professional service.

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Enhanced Skin Care Center is located at:
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The Key to Firm, Healthy-looking Skin

What is collagen? 

Collagen is a type of protein that is fibrous in nature, connecting and supporting other bodily tissues.  Some people refer to collagen as the glue that holds the body together.  Collagen works with keratin to provide skin with strength, flexibility and resistance.  As we age, cell degradation occurs, leading to wrinkles.  Think of collagen fibers as a chain-link fence.  Now imagine those links rusting and falling apart; and as the links break, the fence falls.  As our collagen production decreases this is what happens to skin fibers resulting in sagging, crepe-like skin. In addition, fibroblasts (collagen producing cells) decrease their production of new collagen as we age.

Once the importance of collagen in the skin is understood it is easier to understand why stimulating collagen production is the key to any good skin care and anti-aging regimen.  Numerous studies explain why certain products and skin care treatments are effective at rejuvenating the skin.  These treatments & products (discussed below) improve skin appearance and its ability to resist injury, wrinkling, and sagging by stimulating new collagen production.

Collagen enhancing treatments

IPL treatments stimulate collagen production adding firmness to the skin through the introduction of light waves into the skin.  The heat generated by the light signals the body to produce more collagen in effort to repair itself.  Even though no harmful damage occurs during this treatment,  the body is triggered to produce more collagen.  Other treatments such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels work in the same way.  These treatments signal to the body that disruption of skin cells has occurred thus triggering an increase in collagen production.  In fact, in 2007 researchers reported that the wrinkle-filler Restylane promoted new collagen growth and limited collagen breakdown, helping the body to retain firmness and elasticity as a result of the treatment.

Collagen enhancing products

While many skin care product lines claim to increase or stimulate collagen production, not all products are equal to the task.  Cosmoceuticals, or medical grade skin care products, contain higher amounts of the active ingredients necessary to increase collagen production.  Therefore, they are more effective at doing the task they claim to do – provide anti-aging benefits for the skin.  Products sold at drugstores contain much lower levels of the ingredients, and as a result, often much more of the product is needed and a much longer time is necessary to use these products while still resulting in less than noticeable change in the skin.  SkinMedica has developed a product, TNS Recovery Complex, that is very effective at increasing collagen production.  Learn more about this product at www.TNSRecoverycomplex.com. When used daily, positive results can be seen in 2 – 3 months.

Antioxidants also help stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen fibers.  These antioxidants include Vitamin C, Green Tea, and Vitamins A & E.  Vitamin C is a very potent antioxidant necessary in the synthesis of collagen.  Vitamin C’s acidity helps it penetrate the skin and maintain its effectiveness.  Many people experience tingling upon application (using it just once a day in the morning.)  Because this product is fairly unstable, packaging is important – look for it in a pump dispenser.  Vitamin A, in the form of retinols or Retin A, is probably the hallmark of an anti-aging routine.  Research has shown that using retinols consistently significantly reduced wrinkles and skin roughness by promoting new collagen.  When left on the skin retinols can cause sensitivity to the sun.  Because of this it is recommended that this product be used each night after cleansing and washed off in the morning before leaving the house.

Routine, routine, routine

Now that you understand how important collagen production is to our skin’s health you can also understand the importance of getting on a daily regimen that is easy to maintain.  It does little good to follow a great skin care routine for a few months only to quit using the products after improvement is noticed.  After time, collagen production will slow down again and essentially you will be back to square-one.  Like anything else in life, if you want good results you have to stick with it.  Make sure you treat yourself to microdermabrasions, chemical peels, facials etc. on a regular basis to keep your skin on alert that it needs to continue to produce collagen.  Use your products daily and protect your skin from further damage by using a good sunscreen 365 days per year.


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